The beginning

Well I’m 2 weeks late but that’s one of many things I’m working on in this crew chapter of MY life. 

So let’s go back and I will explain how I got here. I’m 30 and morbidly obese ( for now). I’ve been delusional for awhile too. 2 weeks again I started a 10 week body reshaping program. It’s all about nutrition, proper exercise and support. It’s exactly what I need. Plus my dads been a member for around 2 years and he went through the ten weeks and it changed his life. I don’t want to let him down. Lets face it. I’m 30, fat, miserable, and heading to an early grave. Did I mention… I smoke? Yup add another nail to my coffin… I’m not stupid, I know my choices are killing me, but I’m too weak and lazy to change it. Apparently I don’t care about myself or the people who love me. I have 3 amazing children.  And a great man in my life. Along with an incredible family. I’ve got great friends and every reason to live. So 2 weeks ago I started. It would have been fun to start from the beginning and write all my troubles and issues and triumphs down… But it was a tiring, sore, incredible couple weeks and I’m hooked. The healthy cleaner eating has cleaned and fueled my body, the kickboxing and resistance training has started to reshape my body. The support once gotten is incredible and I just jumped right in with excitement. Why the hell did I let it take so long? The hardest part for me was how many my body Hirt. No I juries thank god but my body was in survival mode. This fat body had no idea what was going on. It’s a lot of work to carry this big ass around, it’s even more to exercise it. I have it my all. If I’m going to be miserable might as well get the best out of it. My lower body was a mess after lower body day. Holy cow I found muscles I had no idea existed. But even though I wasn’t moving to well, it felt empowering. The next week it didn’t hurt as bad and now we are present enough.

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